40 Stunning Bride and Groom Table Ideas

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When celebrating a marriage with many happy guests, several brides and grooms notice it difficult to steal a second alone with their new spousal equivalent thereon special occasion.
While the bride and groom square measure ordinarily seated at an elevated head table with the complete bridal party, some newlyweds square measure opting to skip the massive reception set-up and instead cozy into a table for 2. This set-up is mentioned as a “sweetheart table,” and is an particularly nice choice for couples World Health Organization have chosen to forgo a bridal party, don’t have the area for long head table, or just need to get pleasure from time along to enjoys their sweet married seventh heaven. this could even be a good resolution once bridal party members want to sit down with their own dates or family. The set-up includes atiny low table facing the guests at the front of the area, that permits all eyes on the couple alone.


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